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[QUOTE]So if you took a person with clear skin and put him/her on the same eating habits as an acne sufferer, who you say eat "bad" foods, would that person with clear skin breakout, too? If your answer is NO, then ask yourself why. What makes an acne sufferer different from someone with clear skin, when they engage in the same eating habits. I'm sure you all know people who indulge in the wrong kind of foods,or never wash their face, and don't protect their skin, and they're still clear.[/QUOTE]

You are right in that the diet/acne connection is NOT a cause/effect reaction in everybody out there. However, the question you are asking is like saying: "If you took a thin person and an overweight person and fed them the same "bad" foods, would the thin person gain weight too? And if not, why not?" Well, many reasons including their physical activity, genetics, their metabolism, to name a few.

With acne, eating chocolate is NOT going to cause a pimple for EVERY person that eats it. Neither is ice cream, pizza, or bananas. But people who are predisposed to having acne for whatever reasons (genetics, how their liver processes toxins... to name a few) would more than likely notice a tremendous improvement in their skin if they followed the correct diet long enough to give results a chance to appear.

[QUOTE]but if a drug can help suppress or mask the problem, that the next best thing, right?[/QUOTE]
Next best thing to what, trying a healthy diet? ;) Personally, if something is wrong with me I want to treat the cause, not mask the problem. A good painkiller can make a toothache go away, but if I have an abscess lurking underneath, the problem will only come back as soon as the painkiller is discontinued. Accutane didn't cure me, and it doesn't cure everybody that takes it. If anything else your acne comes back with a vengeance later on. How long has it been since you stopped Accutane? Have you stayed clear? If so, congrats to you. I only hope that it lasts for you longer than it did for me.

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