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[QUOTE=ForgottenFaith]I've been off accutane for about 2 1/2 years and I'm free of acne. I do get the occassional zit but I can't complain. I still have discolorations which are fading slowly but surely. Really slowly to be honest, lol. But, after I stopped accutane, my acne and oil seemed to be coming back but I countered that by using the proactiv cleanser. Proactiv cleanser is really the only thing that keeps my skin clear, so it totally counteracted whatever acne and oil that started coming back. So, the key is consistency, stick with a regimen that suits you, and don't switch cleaners or anything because your skin will need a new window of time to adapt. Or whenever I get a zit or a cluster of them that make my skin itch, I take ibuprofen and it does the trick.

"but if a drug can help suppress or mask the problem, that the next best thing, right?"

"Next best thing to what, trying a healthy diet?"

To answer your question. Yes and no. It's smart to keep a good diet, but it won't necessarily kill you to cheat it once in awhile. But what I was really talking about was accutane's ability to suppress or "mask" the problem. I said that there was no drug out there on the market that guarantees you 100% clear skin forever. So I said the next best thing would for the drug to suppress whatever the cause was, since it can't eradicate the cause or the root.

It just makes me laugh when someone says "OMG, I ATE A PIECE OF CHOCOLATE AND 5 MINUTES LATER I FELT A PIMPLE COMING"- Well, they say "I felt", which would be indication that they were touching their skin out of paranoia. Well how do they know it wasn't there earlier? Oh wait, that's because they got paranoid because they ate something they think they shouldn't have, and they discovered a new zit and irritated it by touching it. You know what I mean? So what I'm trying to say, is that sometimes the cause can be mistaken. Like in this case, what may look like a breakout from food you ate, it may really be from you picking and touching your face.[/QUOTE]

While I think Idealist is handling this wonderfully, if you ever get interested, trying looking up an [B]Elimination Food Diet [/B] and you will understand how it is possible to [u]pinpoint [/u] what foods do and don't affect us...

Also, while I think there is nothing wrong with accepting accutane or any other drug that will mask your symptoms, the concern for me comes into play when you have an underlying health or hormonal disorder.

Now while most people with acne don't have severe hormonal problems, there are around 10% that do. I've met several people on these boards that have taken anywhere from 1 - 6 courses of accutane and in the end they discovered that the reason it wasn't permanent for them was because they had a hormonal disorder.

So please remember, acne can be a sign of a much larger problem, and for some it may be their [B]only [/B] sign. As time goes on, some people have noted additional other symptoms arising. These symptoms occured as a result of an ongoing [B]chronic[/B] problem and if they had actually been able to detect their health/hormonal problem when it [U]first[/U] began (years ago), those other symptoms would not have worsened or developed in the first place.

Now when you take that into consideration the following, what type of person would you rather be: The one that takes 8 or more prescriptions to fight their (increasingly common) health problems or the one that changed their diet and takes only supplements or 1 - 2 prescriptions if need be?

I've seen this repeatedly with women with PCOS. Those that opted to not change their diet, as it can be related to Insulin Resistance - High Carbhoydrate type effect, were taking several prescription drugs to combat their problems. [U]Indeed, that makes sense since they are basically taking medication to [B]combat[/B] the effects of the diet that they are [B]still[/B] consuming, of course the effects won't be so great.[/U] Meanwhile the women that chose to change their diets, were usually taking maybe a few supplements, and rarely any medications.

PCOS and/or Insulin Resistance both resulting in Hyperandrogenism, is a multi-symptom disorder, hence the other supplements. Yet for me, I use my own customized diet to obtain 99% clear skin and to eliminate my menstrual pains and 100mg of Spiro to treat my mild hirsutism. I had been on Spiro from 150mg - 200mg for 6 years and the diet for 2 years and decided to test it out. So, I went off of Spiro for 6 months and while my skin never changed, the hair started growing back and unfortunately in new areas!!! :eek: So I know that I NEED it's androgen receptor [U]blocking[/U] effect (vs. just [U]reducing[/U] androgen production from the diet)! Yet, I'm working on finding a natural substitute and Beta Sitosterol looks promising.

So anyway, that's what I have to say. Masking isn't a problem, as long as you don't have a deeper problem that may currently be asymptomatic. If so, I would hate to see someone cheat themselves as a result...they WILL regret it later.

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