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I feel for you buddy, I have the same problem... probably worse. I've had back acne for about 4 years now from top shoulders to waist + chest. I've tried many many things. At the moment I'm using regular head and shoulders shampoo (zinc one) and an exfoliator once or twice a week. I remember many people saying the shampoo worked for them so I'd suggest giving it a try.

Good luck.
yea that shampoo thing is a good idea...if you use conditioners too, i deffinately see a bad difference when i use conditioner so i dont use it very often. right now i am using Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo and its working great for my scalp and i have noticed theres nothing going on with my back at all... sometimes i will use head and shoulders (i always use dandruff shampoo even if i dont have dandruff so my back dosnt break out and i dont have to worry about dry scalp, i also like how it makes my hair feel so i dont even need conditioner).. .but i see better faster results with selsun blue,i rarely notice an outbreak... i think its a bit stronger maybe (i have the medicated one at the moment but ive tried other kinds they have, like regular, and they are also good)... .but yea eather head and shoulders or selsun blue, try them out.

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