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I had a pimple on my cheek bone about a week ago and as soon i left to go on vacation it just started growing and growing like a freakin blob. It formed into a Cyst. When i TOuch it its realy hard like a rock....U can see about half of it threw the skin but i can feel the rest when i feel around it. THis realy sucks bad cus my first day back at works 2morrow..ANd i have no insurance right now The only thing im worried about is if it will leave a scar. Anyone Know what i can do to prevent it from leaving a mark ?
I wish I knew. Does anyone know how to get rid/ prevent cysts? I'm the only person in my family with cysts. I have a large cyst scar by my left eye, a considerably smaller one by my right eye and a large one on my forehead. All three are old. I have two very small cysts on my right eyebrow. I have one very new, painful cyst on my cheek, I put hot water compress on it for about three days. I must have pressed really hard because it looks like a purple bruise, before it was a red area. What I would suggest is, put hot or warm compresses, but don't press to hard. You could leave it alone, sometimes the cyst may grow bigger or it may go away on its own. Of course, if you have lots of money which I don't, there's cosmetic surgery procedures. Good luck. And please let me know if anything you try works.
I had huge cyst on my left cheek an inch and a half below my eye, and I kept putting highly acid gels on it cuz that's what my doctor told me to do. Well it at first it was two small ones that grew into on big one. Well it eventually one day popped by itself after 2months of treating it. Let me tell it was gross and alot came out. I tried pushing a little bit, just to get out what eventually would come out. Well it kept opening up for about 2-3 weeks letting out a little at a time. No it's closed but I have a pocket of blood sitting beneath the skin with is starting to look like a puffy bruise. The other part is now become a shallowing, pitted, purple scar. I don't know what to do to keep it from become a deep scar. I already have one from 2 years ago on the other side. How do I replace the collagen?

Well, atleast the scaring might be symetrical, which is kinda attractive right? :rolleyes:

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