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Well, I'm here to update you guys on my Benzaclin progress. I have been applying Benzaclin for 12 days and it seems to be working well. I am taking it with oral Erythromycin (I also take minocycline sporadically, but it is too expensive for me to take on a regular basis).

My face is clear for the most part. I normally have several small red bumps, about 5-6 larger red pimples, and 1-3 large pimples with pus in them. (I've never had cysts) *Knock on wood* Right now I have 1 small red pimple and one small pus pimple that looks like it will go away tonight.

My clear face can mostly be attributed to Erythromycin, which I was taking before and had cleared up much of my acne. The problem was I still had those large pus pimples. The Benzaclin has really helped with those. I've only had 3 at different times throughout these 12 days and those were SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than usual and all went away that same night.

I have surprisingly experienced very little drying. I don't know why this is b/c I usually dry up very badly when I use Benzyl Peroxide on my whole face yet this hasn't really happened. (Benzaclin uses Benzyl Peroxide) Can anyone who's used this tell me how long it took for the drying to kick in?

I'll update this in a week or two to tell you guys how I'm doing in case you are considering Benzaclin. I haven't really used it long enough to straight out recommend it. If you are considering it ask your derm. to give you a free sample. That's what I've been using for the past two weeks, that way if I have a negative reaction I won't have paid for it just to leave it there. (This happened w/ Amoxicillin. I bought 85 Cap. only to find out about a week or two in that the side effects were too much. I still have the bottle here.)

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