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hi im having problems with my face. i dont know what exactly they are called.
hm where should i start
ill start where the problem is mediocre

my nose. like i said i dont knoe any names for anything on my face. perhaps because ive never had a such a great problem with my face ever before this is all very new to me. im 16. on my nose there r these little black things
GLUED into my face. ive tried prying em out. and some did come out after intense squeezing. lol after about 10 minutes my jaws hurt and my nose is in furious pain. what are those called? what can be helped to eliminate those?
2nd i have these white spots things there just little bumps across my face. it doesnt have a scab like texture like the little black/brown things i was talkn about before its like a little bump and my skin just runs over it. if i squeeze it it just hurts like oh boy and a little squirmy thing comes out. but if i press ANYWHERE in my face a little squirmy thing comes out. WHATS THAT? is dat normal? anyway back to the white little AND big bumps. what the hell is dat? how do i get rid of those?

now on to the problem of the century.

on my RIGHT cheek and ONLY my right ( interesting isnt it ) is these weird rather large and some small red bumps with little yellow or white cant tell pointy things on top of them. the pointy things r EXTREMELY small but the RED BUMPS r VERY visible. and they hurt =(

now ive taken some steps to cure this disease.

ive started to use clean and clear deep cleaning astringent.
i have NO idea what this does. it seems to make my face dry and the skin around my red blobls come up and i can peel em. :o on the front it says oil-fighting formula that treats & helps prevent pimples. on the back it says salicylic acid 2.0% purpose.... ACNE MEDICATION.

is acne and pimples the same? im utterly confused whats good medication thats very reliable and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and easy to get a hold of? and better yet works extremely quickly? like 2 weeks? because im trying to get rid of all this stuff before the school year starts again HELP HELP HELP oh... and i did smoke for a while. and i believe that is why i began to break out so much at once. ive quit that for a while. bad to your health? okay thats bad.... messes up your skin? THATS DEATH BABY.


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