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Please be careful with prescribing yourself Accutane. I live in England and have taken Roaccutane for years so know a little about it and the side effects. You really should have your blood tested for liver function and fat levels every four months to ensure you can continue treatment. Basically Accutane is toxic levels of Vitamin A which surpresses the sebacious glands. Do not take more than 1mg per day for every 1kg of your body weight - we've got the metric system over here so you'll have to do the conversion into lbs yourself !!

I used Accutane on a maintenance dose of 10mg per day with great effect so if you do decide to self-prescribe, you may want to start with a low dose such as this since it can work.

But really, you should see a dermatologist at least for your first prescription so that you can get your blood tested.

Good luck!

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