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Re: Accutane users
Sep 8, 2004
thanks so much for all of your input. I feel like everyday I have more and more questions. I can't wait to start seeing results. I'm so anxious for it to start working...Hopefully time will fly...Did you find that your treatment went by quickly?
A couple more questions for you....did you spot treat any breakouts you hard while on accutane?
Back to those bad did they look as they were coming out...I'm worried.
When you said you used the mint julep it possible to use it on your entire face still or is it too drying?
Did you just wake up with dry skin one morning? I feel like I've been so oily lately..even before accutane. I almost feel like dry skin will be a treat.
What kind of makeup did you find looks best?
Thanks again : )

Let's go RedSox! Are you a big fan living in Boston? My fiance is a huge fan. We are over in Connecticut.[/QUOTE]

Hi Jodi,
It feels like everyday something new happens with the accutane. Time actually went by pretty fast. I started on March 20 and I thought I'd never make it to September 1. I swear, before I knew it, I was taking my last pill. I did spot treat for the first month. I used erythromycin gel that my derm gave me. I think it's alcohol based so it was extremely drying. After the first month, I was clear. As for the blackheads, they looked white coming out. Not to make this sound too gross or anything, but it looked like light strands of hair (sorry, just thinking about it makes me sick haha). I'd constantly be sitting at my desk at work and rubbing my nose. I think our clients must've thought something was seriously wrong with me! Sometimes I'd have blackheads on my cheeks and chin so I'd use the mint julep mask all over my face, but only once a week. It did feel like one morning all the oil was gone and my face was dry. It felt like it happened overnight but obviously it was a gradual process. After an oily face for years it was nice not to feel like an oil slick in the middle of the day. I use only Physician's Formula press powder (and some days I skip it altogether). For random red marks, I use their concealer (looks like its in a lipstick tube). The vitamin E, which I dab on the red marks, fade them pretty fast. Another side effect that worked out well for me is that the accutane has also dried out my hair. I used to have to wash every morning otherwise it would get pretty nasty. Now I wash it at night and can go 2-3, sometimes even 4 days without washing.

I am a HUGE Red Sox fan! I'm just psyched that they're starting to catch up to the evil empire after being 10.5 games behind! I'm even more of a Bruins fan though (the 44 in my name is for my favorite player). What part of Connecticut are you from? One of my friends is in Naugatuck but I haven't been to see her in a looooong time.

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