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I just wanna know before I get hooked on the stuff, if anyone's seen long term effects with retin a in treating whiteheads and blackheads. Do you find that now you're on retin a, if you go off it, you'll have a horrible breakout?

Here's a brief bg on me: I've taken diane 35 for four years and I'm now getting off it b/c the side effects are wearing me down. I have mild to moderate acne (it's been mild for AGES b/c Diane 35 worked WONDERS on me, it's the only thing that's worked). I always have tons of blackheads on my nose and whiteheads ususally pop up around my period. In the past I just put retin a on the rare cysts I'd get, and it would work miracles for me! So now I've decided to put it on every night and I've only been using it for a a week but my skin seems pretty clear, no breakouts yet (but I'm sure the bcp is still lingering in my system) but my skin feels really oily. just curious, do you think if I lower the strength my skin would feel less or more oily? anyways, the point is I'm trying to clear up my skin long term w/o having to take bcp. so you guys know of alternatives to this even, please let me know. I haven't experimented w/ my skin regimen in four years and I'm really worrying about it.

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