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I had a wedding to go to last summer and I had about the same amount of time (3 weeks) to fix my face also... here's what I did.

For the first week, I really dried out my face. I know it's bad, but it's the only thing that helps me when I have a bad breakout. I mix regular asprin with some water and make a paste. Usually, I combine that paste with Neutrogena cleanser/mask (it's got benzoil peroxide.) After about a week of that, my skin was terribly dry (I mean, gross and flaking), but -good news- the pimples were gone. The second week was all about exfoliating. I was very gentle and exfoliated every other night with baking soda or some othe type of scrubby that I had in my shower. The third week, I was extra gentle with my skin. I put neosporin on any red marks and used only a mild antibacterial soap on my face. (Noxema triple clean is awesome.) By the wedding, my skin actually looked nice-especially compared to the mess it had been. I got several compliments on my "glow" - it could have been that my date was my crush of five years making me glow though! :bouncing:

I'm not sure if it would work for you... some people say drying out their face makes their breakouts worse. For me, it's the only thing that makes them go away fast. If you dry out your face, some pimples may turn into scabs. That's normal, and it's not the nicest thing to look at, but don't pick at them!!! It only will make the scab last longer. A little neosporin and a bandaid over night will help speed the healing.

Lastly, most concerts are in the evening, when it's starting to get darker earlier. If you can stand it, go to a cosmetics counter and see if they can perfectly match a concealer to your skin tone. If it matches perfectly, you'll probably be able to get away with it on smallish zits during the daytime too. You could also go to Wallgreens and try to pick out your own... it would be cheaper. Take your mom, if you're too embarassed to go alone becasue then it could look like she was picking one out, not you.

I bet with the fading daylight, you're girly friend probably won't even be able to see the cover up and you'll just look fabulous. Take it from a girl, we don't really care what you look like. Sure cute is good, but a great sense of humor, self confidence, and treating us nicely will take you a lot farther than perfect skin will. Good luck and have fun.

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