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[QUOTE=warm__pants]okay so here's the dealio, first off i've kind of been posting some of these same questions separate in various different different posts and so i'm really sorry if you had to already read one of my questions, or maybe a few of them but i'm a little desperate i guess we could say :dizzy: ! and secondly this might seem kind of long so i'm really sorry for the time but i hope u'll be patient and maybe try and answer a few of the questions!!! :D so anywho on with the questions!! #1 - i've heard that stievamycin and retin-a are very much alike because they contain the same ingredient and so they do the same job. Are they? and is retin-a better then stievamycin would u say or would they both work just as well as the other??? (stievamycin contains euthromycin, or whatever that stuff is called, in it too) . #2 - have any of you tried stievamycin and what were your results like??? how long were you on it???? and you know the same old routine questions about the medicines :D ! #3 - does anyone have a big problem with whiteheads ????(comedones/clogged pores, whatever u may call them) cuz i get tons of them on my chin and some on my forehead and the ones on my chin get inflammed, like 5 in one area and cause this one BIG pimple. Anyone had any experience with that??? and what causes the inflammation of the whitehead/comedone??? and i put stievamycin over all my whiteheads so maybe it could jsut be purging them or could i be putting ot much on???? :eek: #4 - what the heck can u do with those big suckers once they're formed and i dont get why they are so big????????? :eek: it sucks! but i try putting benzoyl peroxide 5% on them and for some it may work but these two that i have now, skin peels off of them (which is bad????) and they dont go down or come to a head and i'm scareeed about them, should i not put anything on them, or should i put benzoyl or hydrocortisone or polysporin or polysporin and benzoyl or something else? ahahah thanks for any info that you can possibly give me, it would be very much appreciated!!! i also appreciate the time you took to read this and help me out, all you wonderful, beautiful, helpful people that you are ;)[/QUOTE]

For sure I can anser part of #4 for you. You definitely need to stick with ONE main acne fighting topical ingredient. I have found benzoyl peroxide to be the most effective. Unfortunatly, it does nothing for blackheads, but of course, they are more stubborn and have a longer life cycle that whiteheads. If you chose benzoyl peroxide, here is the regimen i would recommend for you. It helped my sever cystic acne full of whiteheads and large red bumps:

1) start with a very gentle cleanser. I use Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser.
--Let skin dry for about 15. If you dont, and even if your skin appears dry, you can actaully spread the bacteria by not waiting.
2) Heres the trick. You need to find an economy sized ( preferably 4 oz.) because you will be using alot. Try you best to find 2.5% benzoyl peroxide! And seriously go for 2.5%. In studies it has shown to be even more effective than the 10% one because it does not cause as much drying. Going down to a 2.5% will eliminate most of the peeling that occurs with you 5%. Apply a large amount (quarter) to each problem area at a time. EX- do you forehead, then get more bp, then go for one cheek--then the other--and whereever else you need to go.

3) next, after waiting 15 minutes, apply a moisturizer. this will eliminate any drying/flakieness. I have found that "Eucerin Sensitive Facial Skin Renewal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion" to be the best. It does not clog pores. Especially for me, I have very oily skin, and this lotion does not leave your skin feeling oily/glossy/grosse. It goes on very light. The alpha hydroxys work very well with benzoyl peroxide by keeping you from peeling.

I hope this can help you. Please feel free to post to me if you have any questions.


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