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"Cystic" Acne
Sep 7, 2004
:confused: about "cystic" acne. Periodically I get these huge, extremely painful large bumps deep under my facial skin. No "heads" appear, just those huge painful bumps. Being a female, it happens mostly around my menstrual cycle, or after a very bad cold, etc. I usually don't get several, the most I had at one time were four, but that IS enough! They are so painful that I can't help but try to pop them out of sheer desperation to alieve that pressure, but of course, since it is so far down under my skin, all I accomplish is a small trickle of oil and blood and the bump grows twice the size of what it was before. I have one on my face now that is almost a half an inch round
on my upper cheek and it has swollen my left eye halfway shut. (That's why I'm here... I'm practically in tears with the pain desperately looking for help)
I've been dealing with this problem since my twenties... I've seen a dermatologist that has had me on antibiotics for 3 years... the pills didn't work and was later told that I could be slowly disolving my liver... I've tried every over the counter meds, ... didn't work. I've found that most of these including the salycic(spell?) washes and coverings not only severely DRY out my skin (believe it or not!-of course, but NOT the volcanic zit!) but forms a hard "crust" like scab over the zit-cyst bump making it impossible to drain even if it could! . I've tried that pricey "Murad" treatment, THAT didn't work... Maybe someone out there has another method... I havent tried any
of the natural remodies yet... I've heard of toothpaste.. but because I have that over drying problem I'm afraid to try it... If anyone can suggest what else I can do.. I sure would be grateful!

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