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Hi I just wanted to know if those who have used retin a micro could tell me what their cycle was like. When did you experience peeling, when/if did you experience an initial breakout, when did you begin to see a big improvement in the overall condition of your skin? ...that kind of stuff
Thank you so much!
Hi! I've been on the Retin-a cream 0.1% since end of May. My skin is very tough! I've had very little peeling and no major side effects. My Doc wants me to start using the Retin-a Micro because it's supposed to help mop up the oil. I have TONS of oil & grease on my face. :rolleyes: I have to wait till we get some more $$$ before I can get the Retin-a Micro. Anyway, I really like what the Retin-a has done to my face. I broke out after about the first week or two on it. But HANG in there with that! I think it's worth it! I can see a difference with using it and I plan to stay on it. It's also good to prevent wrinkles, so for me,that's a plus!
I have been on it for two weeks and just started my third week on tuesday (yesterday). I peeled really bad the first week. Chunks of skin were coming off. Now the peeling has subsided. I find that my pimples heal more quickly. I do still have a lot of little bumps but I really didn't expect them to go away in just 2 weeks. I am also on .04%. Well keep me updated on your progress! I asked those questions because I wanted to see how others did on it compared to me. Thanks for replying!

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