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[QUOTE=surenitynow]ok i decided i neeeeed to try going on birth control. i dont have acne very bad but its consistant enough to be the cause of my depression. what i want to know is how do i go about getting on birth control? i just ask my doctor?...i havent talked to my mom about it because i dont think shell understand the reason i want to go in it, but i do think i need to talk to her about it so she can help me get it...and im also wondering if the doctor will choose the brand for me?..because i want to go on yasmin....any feedback about this subject would really help me i just dont know where to start. :confused:[/QUOTE]

Try talking to your mom first. If you have a good relationship, she should understand. She might have some ideas of her own. I'm the one who suggested it for my daughter to try for her acne. Unfortunately, it backfired and she got a lot worse so then I felt pretty guilty. Usually, you just ask your doctor for a prescription. Have you tried other things first. My daughter was on antibiotics for a long time with good results. You can also get worse before you get better on bc pills. Yasmin would be a good choice though from what I hear. Orthotricyclen was pure evil.

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