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Anyway, I am REALLY, REALLY concerned about Accutane and it's LONG TERM PERMANENT side effects.

Last year, I read all I could about Accutane, including other people journals and message boards, not this one though. Anyway, I found that mostly online many had to do the course all over again a few times, and some it just doesn't work. I have talked to a few with problems, so that's very a very minimal side effect that can happen with nerves and things that are rare.

Anyway, my biggest concern....I KNOW that Accutane causes birth defects, so while women are on it, they cannot have kids or should be on birth control. What's the research of LONG TERM side effects?

For example, I know that Marijuana can cause sterilization and birth defect problems. Marijuana causes the ovarian eggs to have defects because women cannot reproduce the eggs, while men obviously can, so it's not a problem with their sperm.

Anyway, I am thinking can Accutane do the the same with permanent deffects? How do I know that Accutane does not affect the ovary eggs if I have kids someday? If the Accutane company has not done this kind of study, then they must be very stupid because it's a big concern for me, and the reason I will not take Accutane.

My mother know of a lady at work who used Accutane. I think she's in her 40's and already has 2 children. It's obvious she's not going to have more children, but it's obvious to my mother that it worked very well for her. It's be a few years since she completed the treatment, but I am so scared if it will cause birth defects as a result of Accutane undoable damages that we cannot see.

Let me know your thoughts. I am on Retin-A Micro. For some reason, Retin-A didn't do much after almost 2 years on it. I stopped using it and tried Nature's Cure which worked for awhile, then it stopped working only to have ugly cystic, whitehead acne running near my jawline.

I also tried mynocycline which lasted 6 months. Then tried Doxy which didn't do much. What's funny is that after six months of these antibiotics my acne comes back uglier than it was in my entire life. This is why I will not try any other antibiotic or oral treatments, but only topicals because the side effects are just horrid.

Retin-A Micro and when I am good with my diet (reducing simple sugar (high sugar food) and eat more fiber and protein and fruits, it helped tremendously. I am just too much of a sweet person that I can't let go of candies. I wish it was easy for me. I only have really bad acne if I go days eating bad food and during my monthly cycle.

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