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I had the same experiences you've had with oral medications and topicals prescribed by my derm. It was the same scenario each time I went to see her:

"How's your skin?"
"Well, that stuff you gave me isn't really working. It's doing this-this-and this."
"Well, have you tried such-and-such topical/oral medication?"
The answer to that is "Yes" usually about 99.9% of the time.

I just got tired of it. Nothing she gave me worked. It's not her fault, but I've just given up and decided to take care of this myself or at least see if I can do better taking care of it myself, and I told her that last time I went in. She was cool with it. My derm is more of the type that doesn't insist that their recommendations are the ONLY ones that work. The way she sees it is that she is there to help me if I need help. But I told her that I decided to treat my acne by changing what I eat and using different vitamin and herbal supplements, and that's what I've been doing for the past 2 1/2 weeks. My skin has cleared some, and yes, I have gotten a few bad spots but experience has mainly taught how to deal with bad zits. But my skin is no worse now than it was when I was taking prescribed oral antibiotics. Yes, I do take a lot of supplements (16 to be exact), but I have found that those supplements have helped me in other ways besides just helping my acne clear up.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.[/QUOTE]
So PBaby are you saying in another 2 weeks when I'm finish my prescription of doxy (I was on it for 2 months) My acne will come back. I don't believe I'm acne prone, I am 25 and until recently have never had any form of acne. I believe that this is conditional acne, if that makes since or a break out of some kind. It sounds like the anti's never worked for you, do you know of anyone with whom it worked perfectly for them while they were taking it and then it stopped working when they stopped taking it?

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