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Well your best bet is via supplementing your diet with tablets rather than food. Ideally the optimum way to obtain vitamins is from food but following this method can be difficult and impratical especially because you can't really accurately determine how many IUs you are actually taking. This is why so many people take vitamin supplements.

Your right in thinking it probably isn't a good idea to start and stop which is why I slowly increased my vitamin intake to the level I am at now. I've been doing the supplements for two weeks now and so far the only result is less oil on my face. But I am aware that this method can take some time to kick in so I am trying to be patient. I think I will take the vitamins for a max period of 3 or 4 months then slowly decrease my intake, eventually completely stopping them. This should give my body a break from the overdosing and it will also enable me to see how well my skin reacts without vitamin supplementation i.e. does my acne come back or not? If it comes back I will start another course of vitamins a few weeks later.

One important thing is that it is a good idea to get your blood and liver function done every month or so to ensure your not damaging yourself. The body can substain overdosing for quite a long period of time: I would say 5 months or so, thereafter it needs a break.

I have mild-moderate really persistant acne and just got fed up of trying to fight this damn disease using medication and other rubbish which is why I have decided to go down this route. Hopefully attacking it from the inside naturally can make a difference as well as using glycolic peels to even out my skin tone.

Milk Thistle is actually becoming a really well-known herb now. Its popularity has been increasing quite a lot recently. Basically it is a herb which cleanses and detoxifies the liver and can be taken as capsule form or as a herbal tea. You only really need about 350-500mg/day. After all the antibiotics and other rubbish I have taken in the past, I thought it would probably be a good idea to clean out the Liver a bit. You should be able to find MT in any healthstore. If you can't just buy it online. Also look into Burdock and Red Clover herbs which are supposed to work great against acne.

You could try B5 if you want to, I decided against the B5 method as it didn't work for me in the past and just made me ill and gave me some quite chronic diahrroea. Maybe it was due to the fact that I took the Pantethonic version rather than the so called better Pantethine version...i dunno? I may try it in the future.

Hope that helps a bit..

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