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How long do the good days last....that is the acne free days??? I've had very few of these in the past 5 years and have always learned that the down side is the awful feeling of the next pimple coming on when you "think" you've found the solution and have been relatively clear for a day or a week.

But for today I am smiling :) !!! My routine seems to be helping.

AM wash with water, apply jojoba oil and then cp serum

PM apply tazorac for 5 minutes and then wash with glycolic facial cleanser, apply jojoba oil and then cp serum.

Meds = spiro daily 50mg, yasmin active pills daily, and accutane 3 times per week. (will try to cut down to 2 pills per week once I really feel the control with the tazorac etc. That has always been my goal)

The tazorac seems to be helping the lupus rashes so hopefully the accutane can eventually become a distant memory for me. I would be sooooo happy :) :) !!!

Anyway, I have to go to my daughters school for the Easter Dinner tomorrow that the school/parents put on for the kids. This will be the FIRST time I have no acne !! She's in 5th grade and EVERY other year I am sooo self conscious that I dread going. Those other Moms always have every hair in place with their fancy trendy clothes and make up applied without a flaw. Finally, ME with NO MAKE UP can feel at least a little confident!

HUSH..... I can't speak too loudly. My body will rebel and I will wake up with 10 cysts !! LOL ?!?
Just wanted to share. There hasn't been one single day in at least the past few years that something wasn't there.....healing, forming, turning red, lying in wait for the perfect occasion to come out. If I have to be on this routine for the rest of my life that would be okay ( - the accutane of course). It would be worth the rest to be happy and go back to not thinking about this!!

PS, I can't wear make up because of the lupus skin rashes it I am and have been for 5 years, bare my skin tone is more even, and the jojoba oil has taken away my flakes. I even go a new hair do complete with color !! I hope we all can be on the other side of acne someday and that our children don't have to go through this awful pain.

Have a sunny day everyone, and as always thanks sssooo much for the continued support.
L :)

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