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Wow. Its been a while since I posted...or even checkout out the site. I apologize, I just have been busy this entire summer. How is everyone doing? Well, I am great and couldn't be happier. It has just about been a year since I began by professional treatments with a dermatologist. My skin had moderate acne. Mostly consisting of blackheads and whiteheads and of course a few monstrous pimples. I am thrilled to say my face has improved greatly! Here is a quick run down on all I have had applied/done...

1. Differin Cream/Gel with an anti-bacterial applicant (but i forget the name of it already!!) I had the "initial breakout" with the Differin
2. Tazorac Cream/Gel and Duac (still currently applying these)
3. Beta-Lift Peels (had about 6--8) LOVE THESE! I can notice an almost immediate difference once the peeling has taken place
4. Slushes, i do not know the proper name for this treatment but it feels like crushed ice is applied to face (had about 6--8) LOVE THESE! These are also fabulous. It tightens pores, reduces oils and makes my skin look clearer.
5. Red Beam Laser Treatment to reduce redness. I only needed two treatments and it sure got the redness out!!

And today I had my first treatment of Saline Injections to reduce the appearance of my scarring. I believe reducing my scarring is the last stage of my battle with acne. I have a about 10 tiny scares on the sides of my face. Not too noticeable with make-up but they are visible. I just hope it works. Has anyone had Saline injections before and, if so, good results? I go back for another treatment in 3 weeks. I still am continuing to get peels once a month and slushes once a month. I will keep you all posted about the saline injections results!

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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