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I am by no means a professional body-builder, but lifting weights has been a hobby of mine for the last six years. I have managed to put on 30lbs of lean mass since I began lifting. Protein is the building block for muscle growth. With out protein, you will NOT get bigger, period. 30-40 grams is nowhere near enough protein for someone trying to gain mass. A good measure is generally 1g/lb of body weight. So in your case, 135 grams is the minimum you should be consuming every day. The person who said your diet should be 70 percent carbs and 30 percent protein is flat wrong. This is a great way to put on fat and see even more problems with your skin.

With that said, I do believe the quality of protein you are consuming has an effect on your skin. "Clean" proteins, such as chicken, lean beef, fish, tuna etc. should not have a negative effect on your skin. Note: Eating raw eggs is a terrible idea. Not only are you putting yourself at risk for food poisoning, this is also horrible for your skin.

You need to be very careful with protein powders. Whey is a dairy derivative, so your skin may be sensitive to this product. I have found that I can tolerate whey protein, but powders that contain calcium caseinate(sp?) make my skin break out like crazy. This type of protein is generally found in MRPs(meal replacement powders) and weight gainers. Protein shakes are not essential in putting on muscle. They should be only used to "assist" you in meeting your daily protein requirements. I will generally throw down a whey shake blended with fruit in the morning and after a workout. Shakes should NEVER replace real food.

Another thing I have found that helps my skin is to eat veggies with every meal. If you are eating a steak or chicken breast, make sure you are eating some broccoli, salad, green beans etc. with your protein. This helps with digestion and also gets your body the nutrients it needs. I have seen drastic improvements in my skin since adopting this eating habit.

As far as lifting vs. acne, that is completing individual. I don't think lifting weights causes acne though. I quit lifting for 6 months due to a back injury and guess what? I still had acne.
Also, can acne really be caused by lifting weights? I know you guys say it raises your hormone levels up but how about when I was younger playing sports in high school for basketball? We would practice for an hour ... HARD ... then go lift weights afterwards. I never broke out. It was only when I turned 18/19 and started to take crap like ultimate orange and then noticed myself breaking out. I didn't care because I lost 60 pounds off of it hahaha. Man ... I hope it really is not correlated. For those taking accutane, do you guys work out and have you gotten clear still?

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