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Hi. I've actually used ProActiv for a 3 months and I totally agree with you. The ProActiv Refining Mask does help with the acne. However, you have to be very careful with it. It really dries up your skin a lot. Even though your skin might be clear of acne while you're using it, you might start having problems with an early onset of wrinkles at a very early age. It does dry up your skin but many don't realize that these types of mask actually inhibits your body from creating the proper amount of collagen in your facial area where you usually put the mask on. So I suggest that you take caution when using it.

Im 24 years old now. I used ProActiv for 3 months but decided to get back on Accutane for better results. After 3 months, I started noticing that my skin is a lot drier. Although drier skin is what I was aiming for because when my skin is oily my pores usually tend to get clogged and pimple start coming out, I noticed that no matter how much oil-free moisturizers I use my skin is just a little too dried up because of the Sulfur in the Refining Mask.

I also started to notice that because my skin is a little too dry, my body tries to work a little harder in providing moisture and my sebacious glands actually started producing more oil after a while. In effect, you start using more and more of the mask until you find yourself in a cycle.

When I finally found staring at myself in the mirror with my rubbery (mixture of dry and oily) skin and early onset of wrinkles I forced myself to stop the cycle.

Right now, Im happy to say that the lines already disappeared thanx to my daily usage of oil-free moisturizer (ProActiv with SPF OF 15) and oil mattifying lotion (sucks up the oil from your skin) by LaMer.

Now, I'm also taking care of my acne problems with Accutane.

PS. I highly recommend LaMer's Oil Mattifying lotion. It not only sucks up the oil on your face, it also provides added moisture to your skin. You could only get it at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth, etc. Although it comes with a pretty hefty price tag, it's well worth it.

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