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[QUOTE=Fury23]Can you think of anything you might be doing differently? Does your skin seem more oily, less oily, larger or smaller pores...anything different? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really trying to figure out what the deal is with us males over 20 who should be growing out of this problem. I find that my skin is less oily, but I seem to break out more. I have been having success with limiting products. As of right now, I wash with a non-acne wash (like a moisturizing wash instead) just once a day and my skin is really loving it. I tried an acne cleanser on one side of my face the other day just to see what would happen and I got 3 zits on that side of my face. Hopefully we can all figure this out together.[/QUOTE]

Sometimes it feels more oily sometimes it feels the same. When I was clear and using prescriptions I was using clearasil(sic?) face wash and neutragena(sic?) and that was fine then I decide to use ceptaphil which I used for while just with the face lotion then i started breaking out again so i got other more medicated over the counter face washes they didn't work. I then decide to go back to the dermatologist and he gave me tazorac gel .05 and zoderm but the comb of zoderm and tazorac really tried me out and made me break out more I used it for about a month have half then last week i decide to back to clearasil face wash and the face lotion. I'll see what happens.

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