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I posted a thread about 3-4 weeks ago about the small little white bumps on my face aka whiteheads.

I was told to try salyclic acid 2%. Well, I did and it helped my face become less oily, but didn't do anything for the whiteheads. It actually overdried my face somewhat and my face overcompensated and got more oily, thus causing a few unpleasant breakouts.

Some quick background info.: I don't have bad acne with cysts, red marks or irritations. I usually have 3-4 small zits on my face and that really doesn't bother me too much. But these whiteheads just won't go away. When they do become active and irrated (red), then kind of go away, they leave the pore very open and odd shaped.

I have a feeling if these whiteheads aren't taken care of, the problem will continue for years and the scars will worsen.

Also, these aren't whiteheads that stick out real big above the surface, they are small and just under the skin.

I don't think a whitehead remover would work for them because they are so deep.

Please, does anyone have any suggestions. I use Proactiv, but should I try a dermatologist?
Hey,Edge...I had the very same problem as you! I had small whiteheads (bumps) under the skin. On my forehead and cheeks. It drove me nuts! If you looked at my face in the right light you would see all these tiny bumps. (Even under my makeup.) Someone else who posted here called them "comedones". I did a search and they even have pretty pictures of these things! :eek: I also tried Proactive. I was on it for about 6 months. It DID NOT help my "bumps" at all. They just sat there, looking ugly. I finally went to a Derm. He told me I have a mild case of acne rosacea. He put me on Finacea gel,15%. I'm also on Retin-a Micro. I've been on the Finacea for about 5 weeks and the Retin-a since May. I have noticed that my "bumps" are slowly GOING AWAY! ;) I apply the Finacea twice daily. I put my makeup on today and can see that alot of those nasty things are gone! You have to get a script from a Doctor for this--but you may want to try it! :)

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