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Low Dose Accutane
Feb 10, 2009
... ld be noted that all of the results I am reporting could be due to just coincendental factors. Inside though, I really think it is this drug. I have read other Accutane logs with similar results. I am trying to be very objective, I pay attention to small details. ... (250 replies)
... mg in the morning, 20mg at bedtime. ... (40 replies)
... I have been struggling with acne for the past 10 years, but 2 months ago I decided to give Accutane a try despite all the negative criticism. I have never had severe acne, but persistent acne and had tried nearly everything as far as I was concerned.... ... (15 replies)

... what should the dosage be? ... (8 replies)
... I just popped my first two pills.....I'm on a dosage of 20mg/day. I have mild but very persistant acne mostly on my chin area with the occasional breakouts other places. I'm just wondering what to expect from this it too low?? and if anyone else has had the same acne as me with the same dosage?? Any help is appreciated...I've tryed everything else and nothings... (3 replies)
... I weigh 140lbs and with this low dosage hopefully I will prevent a breakout. thanx.. ... (10 replies)
... eedless to say it is difficult to have skin problems and have to lecture in front of crowds. I hope I am lucky and can avoid the dreaded intial outbreak so many Accutane users report. ... (250 replies)
... not experince any breakouts anyway the last time i was on accutane i did a lot of research and found a good diary online abt accutane go yahoo search engine type accutane and looks for jenna accutane diary or something like tat is pretty good and u see the progress she been having and that give u hopes!! ... (11 replies)
... my dosage was first 3 months 20mg and second three months a day 20mg and a day 40mg . ... (2 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Jul 18, 2009
... Thank you so much, I don't understand why you went from 20mg every 4 days, then 10mg daily. It seemed like a huge bump on your dosage. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 11, 2009
... 11 Feb 2009 Brand:Sotret Weight:90Kg = 200lbs Sex:Male Age:48 Dosage:20mg once daily New behavior:None today Day 6: Well, I will be taking my 6th pill in a few minutes. I gotta tell ya, you probably won't believe me though. My pores which I double checked with my Wife are reduced by over 50 percent. I was blotting 10 times a day with tissues to soak up oil. I now... (250 replies)
... My advice would be to stick with the dosage you're on, especially seeing as you're 4 months in. Just don't allow your derm to up it anymore. ... (179 replies)
... I having been taking a maintenance dosage of accutane now for over a year. ... (2 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jan 4, 2005
... day of accutane at least until next week when i go back yet again to the derm's office! wee! what an adventure, eh? ... (672 replies)
... im on 20mg a day doc says she will most put me on 20mg a day for 2 weeks..n then 10mg a day for 1 mth pls..n subsequently 10mg every 2 it true the lower the dosage the more minimal the side effects? ... (4 replies)
... It doesn't matter what roche says the recommended dosage is, it's when you start responding. Everyone responds at different dosages. ... (7 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Apr 17, 2009
... effect people differently. I am opting for the lowest dose possible and still maintain an acne oil and rosacea free face. So far I am running perfect, first on 20mg a day and now 10mg a day. I will try to lower the dosage again upon my next appointment. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 24, 2009
... Good to hear from you OL, glad all is well. I have nothing major to report, bumped my dosage back up to 20mg every two days instead of 7. This was based on reading the local dermatologists boards and gaining a consensus. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 25, 2009
... event. Now, you should know to put this in context that I am 48. However, this does not happen to me. I am and always have been right up till I started taking Accutane as regular as a clock, 3 to 4 times a week. What I also noticed, and maybe this is more frightening than the failure is that I didn't care. ... (250 replies)
Accutane costs?
Sep 6, 2005
... First of all, do not buy this product from an online pharmacy or without a prescription. I understand that you don't have health insurance, but any company that will sell a product without a prescription isn't reputable, and is breaking the law (and is probably unlawful in other parts of their practice; selling counterfeit products for example). Anyway, at a national... (28 replies)

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