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Low Dose Accutane
Mar 28, 2009
... Shidoshi, I don't know if this will help...but my libido problems have vanished. I am back on 20mg daily as of this writing. I actually feel like my body has adjusted somehow to the Accutane. I don't know if this will remain this way or not. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 16, 2009
... oint would be this, either your Doctor just hasn't heard of this side effect before or the multitude of individuals who report loss of sex drive after engaing in Accutane therapy are wrong. Someone has to be right, only one or the other can be true. I can find lots of people reporting this side effect. ... (250 replies)
... say this, my face is better than it has been in years. It feels great.....I just wonder will there be an ultimate cost. Google up side effects and lawsuits and Accutane before you even think about taking this drug. ... (250 replies)

Low Dose Accutane
Feb 26, 2009
... this in perspective. 5 million users, less than a hundred examples of web posts discussing permanently lost libidos. I hope I haven't freaked out any potential Accutane users at this point. If I did I apologize, if things do fail in the future I will try to alert blog readers to the problems in a sober manner. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 19, 2009
... with.... sorry. Quite a few views of this log have occurred by numerous individuals. I hope this helps someone who may be considering "Low Dose" Accutane. The Accutane experience has controled my oil slick of a face very rapidly. Still no major side effects and the sex drive is still intact. ... (250 replies)
Worse on accutane
Jan 11, 2005
... This is probably not going to make you feel better, but yes, what you're going through is completely normal. My daughter started at 40 mg and was bumped to 80mg and it just got worse. This might not happen to you if you get bumpled up. Everyone is different. They finally put her on prednisone which took everything down very quickly. She was on prednisone months 3, 4 and... (13 replies)
... I am sorry Accutane didn't permanantly cure your acne. Have you considered another round? ... (8 replies)
... i just started on accutane today...on 20mg a day... my acne is mainly consisting of black n whiteheards..closed comedones..think thats why the doc put me on low dosage... ... (23 replies)
... just wondering what is your dosage of accutane, i'm taking like 20mg accutane for 3 months but now i end up with plenty of red marks, it hasn't turned up to what i expected. ... (11 replies)
Accutane diary
Apr 16, 2002
... Hi... decided to do a diary of some sort... maybe those who r on accutane now can give me some comments. ... (45 replies)
... I'm quite depressed that I can't handle 60mg. I want the great results I hear so much about. Can you still get good results on accutane from a lower dosage over a longer period? ... (2 replies)
... i think you or your sister is doing a big mistake by taking accutane without medical supervision. There are a great amount of side effects. ... (5 replies)
... I'm assuming that you've been taking 20 mg of accutane per day. ... (3 replies)
... my question is for the people who has literalyl used this dosage and been sucessful, thank you also is europharmacy's accutane authentic and has anyone used it and saw that its accutane? ... (3 replies)
... is that it will aggravate my rosacea. He wanted to start me off at 70mg, but all of the literature states that that's WAY too high of a dose. I've been taking 20mg daily and still experiencing some flushing of my cheeks etc. 70mg would have been way too high of a dose for me. ... (4 replies)
... off and on about this drug. I am having minimal side effects. I am still wondering if I should abandon this drug. I am thinking of skip dosing with two pills 20mg x 2 times weekly. To see if the dry oil free skin stays in place. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 23, 2009
... gotten better by the day. Wow, you probably think I am nuts! If I had known this option existed before, I would have stepped up to the plate a long time ago. 20mg daily has made a huge impact on my oily greasy face. It feels great to be off of antibiotics. I know I am repeating myself but I don't know what else to say. ... (250 replies)
... Well its the morning of the 4th day. I have taken 3 20mg Sotret Acctuane pills. Slept like a baby, no sign of side effects other than the slightly dry lips. ... (250 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I've been reading up on a lot of information and I figured that 20mg was pretty low hopefully when I call him tomorrow he will up my dosage. ... (7 replies)
... its for mild acne,so i would not say it would be low i know a guy that has bad skin worse than mine and takes 40mg every 3 days and its working GREAT! i might take 20mg everyday for 2 weeks and ill up it it i dont see some approvement (4 replies)

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