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... nice one there, hope it will work for longer period of time. (2 replies)
... I am 21 years old and I have had beautiful skin my whole life. Every once in a while i would get a zit. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, they sell it at riteaid don't get the one that is very hard, i don't know what its for but i don't think its for the face, more like a body scrubber find the soft one. You can get any scrubber that is sort of soft but ridged, so it can scrub off the dead skin. (114 replies)

... thanks for the advice... where can i get a loofah scrubber? im from the US, can i go to rite aid or longs drugs? (114 replies)
... hey Iwillhelpyou Im on my last month of Accutane and have just started working out(running) this whole week. My question is do u use any facial cleansers when done? or is that irrelevant and just use water? and how many times a day do u actually shower? thanks. . . (114 replies)
... thanks soupy, i tried that with my bathroom but it didnt seem to get hot enough so i had to sign up at a local gym, hopefully its working well for you. i usually cant stay in the steam room for more than 10 minutes, but if i know that its gonna help if i stay longer, i would. (114 replies)
... stay in there till you sweat like a pig.. i've been making my bathroom into a steam room by running the hot water for a bit and closing the doork.. works well (114 replies)
... ive been going to the steam room twice a day for 3 days now and have not seen significant results. how long do you recommend staying in the steam room? i have been in there for at least 10 minutes each occasion. should i be staying in there longer? does it help if i go more times per day? let me know what to do and ill do it! (114 replies)
... for abercrombie.. i cut whey out of my diet but after i cut my carbs i brought it back in and didnt have any problems.. it has virtually 0 carbs in it and it seems to not effect my skin (114 replies)
... iwillhelpyou, is it the actual exercising or the sweating that gets rid of carbs? ive been working out moderately and have been sitting in the steam room a lot, about 15 minutes 2 times a day. ive also been eating a lot less carbs. i believe the oil on my face has lessened, but im not sure. how do you measure the oil on your face? also, whats next on your program? first... (114 replies)
... hmm.. looks like most fruits really are low except bananas.. (114 replies)
... I do eat fruit, I eat them according to the glycemic load charts, Peaches, Plums Kiwis All others have extra carbs which definately requires exercise. (114 replies)
... I don't eat fruit if I'm not going to workout. The sugar content makes me all heated up. But I would never eat a peach at the office. The fruits you can take a bite or two of without working out would be: 1) peaches (yellow) 2) plums (114 replies)
... hey iwillhelpyou, do you eat fuit? people are telling me that they have lots of carbs but i dont think they do.. i dont think they effect my skin that much.. i'm just mostly avoiding pasta/bread/rice and stuff like that.. i know i can eat it if workout.. but do you eat fruit and stuff without exercising after? (114 replies)
... hahah soupyhead, Sorry to hear that :) That happens to me sometimes as well! The good thing is our body will process this and it will go away in 2 days, but you'll have oily skin for a day or so :) What I do is usually wait till saturday to eat my great meals such as today, I Ate at pizzaria uno, Had some Pasta Spinocoli with pesto sauce and penne, fresh... (114 replies)
... keep this thread alive (114 replies)
... today i went to jamba juice..and got a green tea type drink.. man i didnt know it would have a lot of carbs. When i checked their website it said 106!!! so i ran for 30 minutes and worked out another 30.. it was about an hour after i drank it.. dunno how it will work out. (114 replies)
... I don't seem to calculate it like that, I calculate it by cup size, portion size A Meal to me with no exercise: a) 1.5 cups of vegetables sauteed with a teaspoon of oil and other spices. b) 2 chicken drumsticks baked with hot sauce etc. c) 3-5 nuts A meal to me with exercise after: (114 replies)
... Iwillhelpyou, How many grams of fat do you get in a day? Let's say I want to limit carbs to 50 non-fiber grams a day, since I can't get much exercise at this time due to an injury. That's 200 calories. That leaves very roughly 1800 calories to be consumed. Even if I eat 150 grams of protein, that leaves 1200 calories from fat. That is about 133 grams of fat. I was of the... (114 replies)
... Ksaguy, CongratS! Its great you notice the oil reduction, YOU now should have motivation enough to know what causes your oily skin! You need to continue the carb holdbacks, your addiction will fade slowly, in a week or so you won't need that much of it. this is what you do now. You need to continue the program, But today you can eat 1) 1 slices of bran bread each... (114 replies)

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