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my skin has always been very very dry, but i recently started retin-a micro. ive been using neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser 2x a day (dermotoligst reccommeded it to me) and .04 retin-a micro at night... my skin is so oily. it's disgusting, i use powder and oil blotting sheets to keep it under control, but i have to touch up every couple hours.
it says retin-a micro is supposed to help with facial shine, but it has done the exact opposite for me.. has this happened to anyone else and what can i do?
your pores are becoming unclogged and all the oil that has been building up and storing itself in there is coming out. this should only happen for a maximum of 1-2 weeks and it will die down. don't worry.
Yes, I have had the same problem. You are probably using too much. When you use Retin-A, you are supposed to apply a pea sized amount to your whole face. If you use more than that, it will make your face dry and scaly, and that causes your face to produce more oil. It's like the skins defense or something like that. After I stopped using so much, my face started getting a lot less oily. Also, make sure you use moisturizer. Use something gentle, like Cetaphil or Neutrogena. Hope this helps! :D
I actually stopped using the retin-a micro because it just made my face worse, including more oily. I used it for a few months before i stopped.
thanks for all the advice.
as for the amount, i use a pea-sized amount and i put it on only where i am prone to have acne (not spot treatment, but just the general area). are you supposed to put it on your entire face, even places you've never had acne?
it's been about 3 1/2 weeks, so it's too early to tell if it's working or not, really.. in some places i'm better, and in some i'm worse. i think i am in the initial breakout phase because all the zits that have been on my face for months are coming to a head, and i'm getting new ones where clogged pores were.. aghh!
i think, after i get home and take my makeup off, i'll try a moisturizer again. i used to use a neutrogena spf 15 moisturizer but i just stopped because the moisturizer, the oil on my face, and my foundation made me look like i was wearing some kind of plastic mask... looked ridiculous
Don't use it where you have never had acne. This stuff can seriously irritate your skin if you aren't careful. If you've never had acne in a certain area, keep doing what you are doing, you don't want to develop acne where you used to not have it, this is what happened to me.

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