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[QUOTE=peachy420]thanks for the info :) Does it work pretty well at moisturizing? I've been using retin-a and doxyt for 2 months and my face is pretty dry- lots of tiny flakes especially around my nose and forehead.[/QUOTE]

Oh yes, it works very well at moisturizing, IMHO. Before Aveeno I used Neutrogena's T-Zone moisturizer, which was kind of runny and really didn't help my dry patches very much. I actually have very oily skin, but with the use of SA and BP sometimes I get those little flakes that you mentioned. Anyway, I've been using my Aveeno right after I apply my SA, and so far I haven't had any problems with dryness at all. Even the consistancy of the Aveeno seems to be moisture rich. Not runny at all!

Of course, keep in mind that my skin is very oily. Aveeno might work completely different on someone with naturally dry skin. I don't know. ;-) But I love it.
[QUOTE=desertgirl]I've recommended this about a million times on these boards, but I'll keep doing it because I love it so. :) Dove Essential Nutrients Day cream is the best moisturizer for when your skin is dry, flaky, or just red and irritated. It's got all sorts of good vitamins and stuff like that in it. It's really a great product, doesn't cost that much, and lasts a long time. They have a night cream too, without the SPF in it. Sometimes sleeping in SPF moisturizers break people out. I don't use that one though, I don't moisturize before bed. Make sure to the get cream, unless you're really oily. The lotion verison is a little thin. It's good stuff, hope you try it.

Oh yeah, and I've had no real breakouts while using this moisturizer. I just thought I'd throw that in.[/QUOTE]

are you on retin-a or any perscription topical?

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