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I'm brand new to the board. Hello. My 12-year struggle with acne has brought me here. I've been on my own personal quest for viable acne prevention ever since paying my final visit ever to a dermatologist two years ago. I lived a life enslaved to acne vulgaris (couldn't they have given Acne a more amiable last name). I went the whole antibiotics-accutane-topicals-proactiv route like most everyone else who still has acne problems past their early 20's. I've allowed dermatologists to pump me full of one foreign substance after another to the point my body had become a chronic complainer.

I was searching online one time trying to find a remedy to acne that didn't call for anything unnatural coming in contact with my body. I found a few sites talking about a diet-acne connection. I remember laughing and thinking, "How archaic. Haven't these people listened to anything dermatologist said in the past 30 years". Then that's when the epiphony happened….I have been listening to dermatologists ever since my first zit in the early '90s and it has left me no different than when I first began. I became set on finding information that went against the dermatological world's treatments and views on acne.

Side note: it was that day that I got off the Proactiv caustic wash and broke out like a convict at the penitentuary. The urge to get back on Proactiv so I would not have to wear a ski mask in public was excruciating. But I persisted with strength from the good Lord above and my resolve to do things naturally. So I ran into a site by some lady named Wai. I was fascinated by her explanations on the connection between food and acne-- so much so that I tried her sample diet for a month. Basically just fruit, veggies, healthy fats…everything raw. I noticed tremendous improvements, 90% clear. But I got greedy and wanted to be closer to the century mark. I sought more websites that linked eating and acne. I ran into Loren Cordain's study of the acne-free people in PNG and Paraguay. Fascinating reading material. I re-introduced chicken and fish to my diet. I got to about 95% clear.

Further reading found a connection between the glycemic loads of food and acne. This made the most sense to me. Some of the fruits I was eating (grapes, banannas, dried fruits, fruit juices) have a higher GL. Once I kicked them out of my diet I was at 97% (these percentages are an amusing attempt at quantifying my acne vulgaris). Lastly, I read about superfoods like garlic, coconut, avocado, brazil nuts. I ate more of these and have been 99% clear for a few months. I slip up now and then, and my face erupts. That's how I have drawn the connection between foods and acne. I believe it with all my heart, though I know there are other factors involved (I am searching for these factors now).

I know this post was long. My first one, cut me some slack. I will be less verbose in posts to come, I promise. BTW, SweetJade, I've admired your work for a few months now.

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