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Lawshmo, I think it's great that you're looking into diet as a way to keep the acne at bay. It will work and it will be hard work, I promise both. I admit that eating the way I eat is not very conducive with a fast-paced lifestyle. At the same time, it is not impossible. There are so many different names and websites for low-GL diets. I truly believe that a raw foods low-GL diet is the best for the skin. BUT, it is very hard to eat completely raw. So I'm doing what I feel is a good second place diet. I've tailored my diet myself and follow no one's plan exactly. I got started on Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet, a whole foods low-GL diet, that includes lean meats (like chicken, fish, venison, game birds) along with the expected fruits-nuts-veggies. The Paleo Diet is probably the closest to how Iím eating now. Loren Cordain is the fellow who led the acne-diet studies on the people groups in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay.

I've corresponded via email with Cordain and he's been very helpful and adamant that this way of eating is beneficial to people susceptible to acne. But he's not the only one and I'm not here to sell his diet plan at all (in fact don't buy his book; I agree with his way of eating but not the evolutionary basis). There are other diets that do the job just as well. If I were you, I would check out Cordain's stuff first to get a feel of the acceptable foods. And then look other places. Experiment with what foods your skin can tolerate and you'll eventually fashion your own workable diet plan (one that's conducive to your on-the-go lifestyle). Don't forget to relax once in a while, too. It's good for the skin and the soul.
I hope you stay inspired throughout the next 2 weeks, as this won't be the easiest thing you've ever done, especially since you're used to eating quick meals from a box. What books did you buy? There are what I consider "good" and "not as good" books on low-GL dieting. For instance, the Atkins diet is a low-GL diet, but last I heard they don't necessarily emphasize natural whole foods and allow processed foods that are highly salted & loaded with preservatives. These types of foods may be troublesome for acne sufferers. They also encourage dairy products, which have properties that can potentially exacerbate acne. Other books don't stress whole unprocessed foods either. Most of what I eat doesn't come in boxes or cans (or bags for the most part). If you want something quick, grab a fruit or veggie or some nuts. When eating anything with a "higher GL" try to eat something with fat at the same time or afterwards. I've found this helpful. I'd encourage you to be strict about this for a couple weeks, just to show yourself that it works. Then you can experiment if your cravings for other foods are "killing" you. You can persevere, I believe it.

I use only gentle washes and nothing medicated. Right now I use a cleanser containing olive oil, coconut oil, lavendar oil, and some other natural stuff (the word "oil" in a product used to scare me to death). I usually only wash my body with this stuff, but have used it on my face since my Purpose face wash was used up. Neither of these cleansers have caused a problem for my complexion. I agree that all that medicine you're taking can negatively contribute to your condition. I think in order to know that the diet works for you, you can only make one change at a time. Either stop your current products right away and don't start the diet for a few weeks, or remain on your products for a few weeks into the diet. I suggest the former, as the diet seems to be most effective when you aren't putting any acne products on your skin or into your body. I donít think it would be good to stop your products and start the diet right away because I've found that my skin did weird things when I stopped a product- either got real good for a spell or broke out real bad. This may create inaccurate results from the dieting.

I'm excited for you. You're taking a step that many donít want to. I love eating like I do so much that I can see myself ever going back to the typical western diet-- even if my acne cleared up for good. Let us know how it goes and how we can help. I know Idealist and SweetJade are good people to get tips from. There are others on this board, too, but I can't think of their username offhand.

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