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i'd like to see pics of her w/ her severe acne. i think it would be interesting to see a picture of any hot celeb that shows their acne get put in magazines or on tv and see the public's reaction to it. or even better, have some celebrity stick up for all of us who suffer. some thing i just read from some celebrity news website..

[I]STARDOM is no guarantee of a smooth complexion. Despite the best efforts of nutritionists, dieticians and health "gurus", hordes of celebrities suffer from adult acne. Cameron Diaz may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she still wakes up with spots. Stephen Hendry, the snooker champion, has long suffered from acne as an adult. Melanie B and Melanie C of the Spice Girls both endure outbreaks. Victoria Beckham was once known as "Acne Face".....
....Celebrities rarely admit that they have a problem and usually have sufficient funds to pay for discreet treatment. "You see hundreds of television and film actors with acne scarring," explains Dr Chu, "but none of them want to be associated with the condition."

Most people with acne can be helped by a short course of antibiotics. Gels containing forms of vitamin A can also ease the problem: they alter the way the sebaceous glands drain and prevent blocking. For those with severe acne, Roaccutane is one of the most powerful drugs available, although it has been linked to depression and dries out the lips. Needless to say, celebrities are queueing up for a prescription.[/I]

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