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I can certainly sympathize with you. Unlike my daughter, I didn't get much acne as a teenager. I had the occasional breakouts but that's it. When I turned 18....LOOK OUT! I had really bad adult acne. I picked and squeezed, it was awful.

Of course my face looked bad....when you pick you make a bigger mountain out of a big molehill.....but it kind of went away after a time. But guess what...I'm now 44 years old and I fight the scars constantly. My skin is very unevened toned. There isn't anything I can do for it. I don't get much acne anymore but my face looks horrible from the scars and uneven skin tone. Makeup doesn't even help, it actually looks worse.
Now I kick my own A$$ everyday because I know I caused this.

That's my soapbox.

On another note: I found my daughter doing a lot of picking while watching TV, doing homework, reading, etc., I know it sounds silly and you'll hate it but....I have her wear gloves (mittens during the winter), I washed them all the time because believe it or not, she would still bring her hands to her face.

Now I know this technique won't work during school or working hours but at least for home, driving, etc., It will really get you thinking next time you start picking!!!!!

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