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I ordered the Proactiv refining mask with sulfer and i just got it in the mail today.... i got it because ive seen many of you rave about it and i wanted to try it out (ive never used proactiv products before)... but i have a few questions maybe you can answer... .

im wondering what is the best way to use this mask?.. . how many days a week and how long do you keep it on for? does it work as a spot treatment too?...if you did use it as a spot treatment for like a begining pimple or something would you keep it on all night?

also i have a few healing pimples that are more like little scabs and im wondering if it would be ok to put the mask over those?.. ..ive never used a product with sulfer in it so i dont know what it will really do to those..But i do understand that it will probably dry my skin out a bit.

if you can answer any or all those questions or just give your thoughts on the product that would be awsome! excited to try it out but i just want to make sure im using it the best way.... .THANKS!
hey just a little update

i still love this mask stuff..i rarely put it over my whole face, mostly i use it as a spot treatment for 30 min or overnight (if i use it on my whole face it gets too dry, but ocasionally i will) it has worked really good! (i always feel like once i start raving about something it will jinx it....but here it goes..)... ive been putting this mask over any zit i feel coming on as soon as i can, and leaving it on from anywhere to 30min here and there through out night (washing it off after the time then putting it on again) and when i go to bed ill put a fresh dab over the area and sleep, and there is always a good result by morning, there is usually no longer a bump from where its trying to form..its almost like the mask stops it in its tracks..its complaints yet except it is drying if used as a full mask..i deffinately recommend this product...thanks everyone who brought it to my attention.

oh and how are you others who use it, do you still like it?

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