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Hi guys..

I had my 1st treatment with Dr. Sire in California. He mentioned he has been having great success with this treatment, and hopefully after 6-8 treatments we can get the scar elevated at skin level.
After the injection the skin raised creating a bump that lasted 30 min. After the swelling subsided I experienced complete scar revision for an entire week. When all the saline subsided the scar didn't go back as deep as it previously was.

I am sure many of you have read threads about saline injections, for those who are new here is a bit about the procedure:

The solution does not act as a filler but as a treatment. The initial response is similar to a filler, and the scar is elevated with the surrounding tissue, but it only lasts one week.
Saline is injected into the depressed acne scar, which causes stretching of the fibrous bands and mild collagen stimulation. Part of the saline solution remains in the scar and part of it gets absorbed by the body. Multiple treatments are necessary to accomplish optimum improvements. Injections are usually performed every 2-3 weeks - series of 6-8 treatments.
There is commonly a 50-80% improvement on the scarring. There is little "downtime" and the patient will not appear "treated." As the patient continues treatment, he or she will notice the tissue becoming softer and easier to inject and expand. The results are excellent after the initial treatments and the maintenance schedule has been established.

Dr. Sire did say you can do these once a week for maximum improvement. If one can get 10-15% with each injection, a series will produce great results. It is a gradual process but the results are permanent, since the effect of saline is to stimulate fiborblasts to remodel new collagen.

[B]After this I will be doing the injections myself...the technique is very important in this case...if anyone is interested I will post the technique as Dr. Sire explained it.[/B]

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