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hey good for you !

i always feel bad for guys because if i get redness i can put makeup on (if i was a guy i dont know how i would deal with it)... thats good that you dont care because if it works then use it... .anyway i think clearasil has tinted acne stuff and im pretty sure some boys use that... but you can match makeup to your own skin color better.. if you want to be sure no one can tell that your wearing it (even if it is just for spots), when you put it on do it infrunt of a window or a welll lit or naturally lit room.. because sometimes the makeup will look natural and all blended in the bathroom but when you go outside you can see it.. just a little tip..

oh and another thing i was thinking know how girls say that birthcontrol helps acne...(im actually hoping to get on yasmin soon)...well, what would happen if a guy took it??
I used to wear makeup to cover up redness and it worked well. Just make sure itís made for acne prone skin, or it can really break you out.

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