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I realize that Smoothbeam so new, that not a lot of people have tried it. I'm going to use this thread to make it a Smoothbeam journal; hopefully this will help someone. (I have already tried Accutane twice now, and thought maybe I will try Smoothbeam this time.)

1. 1st week: I had numbing cream that I had to wear an hour before the procedure. The procedure still hurt like rubber bands being snapped on the skin. I already had test spots done under my chin to see if I would have hyperpigmentation 2 wks before this procedure. They recommend it for asian or olive skin tones. I would do this even if I had fair skin, just in case. It's worth it to find this out before you do your whole face. The charge is 25.00 for test spots. I only had a little bit of redness and put my make up on over my face and went to work. My face was less oily the first few days of the procedure and looked much better. But then, I have reaaally strong oil glands (I've had 2 accutane treatments already and the zits always come back after a yr) I got oily again 5 days after the treatment.

2. 2nd week: I was told I would get inital breakout and sometimes others may not even have this. But of course, I did. I haven't had a breakout this bad since a year and a half ago before Accutane. Monster cystic acne on my chin and hairline. My skin is drier, but this change made my skin very irritated and produced more oil in response. I calmed it down every night with a mask of plain yogurt and honey. I'm using organic facial cream from Kiss My Face line to moisturize. The more I moisturize this face, the calmer it is and produces less oil. I'm approaching the third week and the cysts are calming down. I just hope they don't leave pit marks. It's depressing, but I'm keeping my hopes up.

3. 3rd week: The cysts are clearing up and getting smaller on my chin. I have one new cyst near my eyebrow that's just big and red but not painful at all. Now I have new red marks to deal with, but I hope this is a good thing and that it's a sign that I will be clearing up from now on.

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