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[QUOTE=chicken1]i'm on 100 mg and my acne is way better but i really want it to slow down my hair growth...for those of you on 150 or higher, how did it affect your hair growth...I'm going to push my endo to up the dose. I can deal with the pee[/QUOTE]

Hey there well I've been on spiro for over 6 years now. I can tell you that if you start early it will prevent new unwanted hair growth =) I actually thought I might be lucky that I didn't have hair in some places, but when I changed my diet I decided to stop taking spiro and I did so for 6 months. 2 reasons for it, I wanted to do an experiment so that certain people wouldn't claim that the reason I wasn't breaking out was due to spiro (even though at the time I was on less than I had started with) and because I wanted to see if my diet was enough to stop hair wasn't.

I actually started growing new hairs in NEW places and so that's when I went back on Spiro, but at a dose of 100mg. I've read that women have been successful at reducing body & facial hair on doses of 50mg, but initially I did start using 200mg and was on BC and my body hair didn't decrease that much. It wasn't until I altered my diet & was on 150mg of spiro that I noticed a greater decrease! The two are a very powerful combination, but diet alone won't really doing anything for body hair. Thus, what I also learned (the hard way) is that once your hair follicles have been sensitized to androgens, they will ALWAYS produce DHT even with the tiniest amount available. Therefore, if you want to prevent & control hirsutism, you need to:

[B]Lower Overall Androgen Production[/B] - the less you make, the LESS you have to block (diet did this for me, folic acid/PABA/Boron, estrogen, NAC, D-Chiro Inositol (buckwheat farinetta), Insulin Sensitizers)

[B]BLOCK Androgen Receptors[/B] - so that your free androgens don't bind and convert to DHT (Spironolactone, Beta Sitosterol, EGCG (Green Tea))

[B]Prevent DHT formation[/B] - Use a [U]Type 1 DHT Inhibitor [/U] to prevent DHT from forming in areas that aren't blocked:
Saw Palmetto (30% - 50% Inhibition),

Curcumin (tumeric),

Zinc Monomethionine (Optizinc, 30% inhibition)

Zinc Sulphate + B6 (Pyridoxal form ONLY) - alone good, together BETTER (zinc-b6 combos)

GLA (omega 6, 80% inhibition) - highest amount in Borage Oil but find a CLEAN source

EPA (omega 3)

Green Tea

[B]Prevent DHT activity[/B] - bind DHT, but the only way to acheive this is with [U]Equol [/U] and it's only found in soy isoflavones (which gives some people problems, incl. acne).

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