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I honestly don't know. However Yasmin contains an antiandrogenic [U]Drospirenone progestin (progesterone)[/U], while Dianette contains [U]Cyperterone Acetate [/U] antiandrogen. So, were the breakouts for those people long term or temporary? How long did you breakout from Dianette?

Also, remember, you are taking medication, the Diane, that suppresses your bodies ability to produce too much male hormones and so this may explain the paradox. Although it doesn't explain why you are still breaking out some. Are your breakouts or the type of breakouts increasing?

Looking at your tests again:
Glucose: 4.5
SHBG:>180 This is infact higher than normal when in PCOS it should be lower than normal!
Free androgen index:<0 this is lower than normal which in fact should be higher than normal in PCOS.

Were these all you were tested for? If so, lets assumme that Diane has done all it can, and perhaps more than, in terms of normalizing your androgens, yet you are still breaking out. So maybe it's a Thyroid or Adrenal Problem.

Like that abstract above mentioned how she was normal in every way, but that she did have an adrenal abnormality. So perhaps you should get tested to see if you have high cortisol levels, low cortisol levels, an enzyme defficiency involving cortisol production (NCCAH or LOCAH) and also check your thyroid hormones.

I'm sorry, but I don't remember your other symptoms. Do you have hirsutism, menstrual irregularites (before Diane), or any other problems?

Bye for now =P

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