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hiya, i feel for you , i really do.
i've heard tonnes of reports on this board that alesse has made people's acne worse. i'm on yasmin right now and it has done wonders for my skin. i used to be on diane 35 for 6 years which is a LONG time for that pill, yasmin seems to be doing an equally good job and i'm told by my doctor it's much kinder to your body than diane (don't get me wrong diane is fine for a few years just not great long term). have you considered trying it chyna? i think i read a post by u that bc pills make you nauseous, they did me at first too, but i made sure i didn't take them on an empty stomach and quite late in the evening so it didn't affect my day and eventually i experienced no sickness.

so now my skin is pretty much clear with yasmin and i use salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide all over my face daily and oil of olay wash cloths for sensitive skin to remove makeup and i'm pretty much clear now. just a tad oily which i control with blot powder.

all i'm saying is don't give up, there will be a remedy out there for you, it's just trial and error. some things won't agree with you and some things will work well!

keep the faith, as bon jovi would say.

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