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I have very oily skin. I work in television, and that's a big no-no. I have tried evrything (that I know of, at least) to get rid of the oil. The ONLY thing that has worked was Accutane, but of course you can only take that for a few months at a time. My derm has now put me on Retin-A Micro saying that should help, but 2 weeks into it, I'm oiler! Have any of you had this experience? Will Retin-A work? Have you tried anything that will work??
Thanks so much!
I was just like you. I had such oily skin, that people thought I had applied some sort of oily emmolient lotion on it, when really, it was just my natural oils. Anyway, I was also on retin-A, and it made me oilier. I liked it for other things, but finally had to stop, b/c it was making me sooo oily. There are other people posting the same thing about retin-A on here, so you're not alone.

I switched to tazorac 1% cream, and it works!!! Nothing has EVER controlled my oil before. I can go all day without having to use those oil blotting papers, and beforeI had to use them every 2 hours. Also, when I wake-up in the morning, not any oil, but not dry either. I think it works b/c the medication is stronger than retin-a, but it has ingredients to moisturize and balance your skin's PH.

I'm not saying it will work for everyone, in fact, in may be too drying for most, but for me it works like a dream; it's worth a shot. You can only get it from an M.D. by prescription, and it's expensive if you don't have insurance.

Sorry I wrote so long, but i'm so happy and excited! :bouncing:
I had similar reactions to tazorac and retin-a as you did. I have yet to find a cure for my very oily T zone but I will say that treating your skin to less harsh regimen will help the most. Using a moisturizing cleanser such as cetaphil or purpose foaming wash with help bring the moisture level back slowly. After years of using so many different acne treatments I think our skin forgets what balanced healthy skin is.
I have NEVER met anyone with as oily skin as mine in my entire 49 years. I have tried it all. To those Retin-A people who are getting oiler, please stop. I eventually got such severe cystic acne from Retin-A and all the oil and shine that I had to stop. With no time, my skin improved. I even tried it again many years later, but the same thing happened. It is definitely not for all of us. In fact, of everything I have ever tried, Retin-A was by far the most damaging attempt.

Calamine lotion could clog your pores. Milk of Magnesia does help a little, but it leaves your face very flat and dull. Not quite the answer either, and the oil just comes on through.

I've found that using less harsh approaches and not washing as often helped reduce the oil backlash. The blotter sheets are good too as they do not disturb makeup as long as you don't wait too long before applying them. However, if your skin is very oily, you could be going through them like toilet paper, and it gets very costly.

I'm thinking of trying Burt's Bees next. So far, Oxy Cleanser and then Oxy all over works best for me, but still far from perfect. I have a lot of blackheads. Paula's Choice was good too, but again, nothing has gotten rid of the blackheads due to all the oil clogging my pores.

I'll let you know how Burt's Bees works.

Any other suggestions will be helpful.

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