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neca- i'm not sure about the moisturizer... i've always used the retin-a at night, washed it off in the mornings, and then put moisturizer on when i needed it. your face will probably be red when you're just starting using retin-a.. it just depends on my skin. i asked my doctor for retin-a micro, because it irritates your skin less.

shawn- some people have really severe reactions to sunlight while on retinoids... ie, go outside for 10 minutes and get burnt to a crisp. so they have to have these really threatening warning labels on it because some people get so burned. retin-a doesn't make my skin more sensitive to the sun at all... you just have to be careful.
i can only think of two options... going to a tanning salon, or using sunless tanning stuff. i've never used that before so i can't really help you there.. all i know is it turns some people this obvious orange color, and i don't know how it would affect acne.
as for tanning- i would use your own judgement, if retin-a seems to make your skin burn more quickly, definitely don't tan. for some people, tanning seems to help their acne, and for some people, it seems to make it worse. i guess the question is, has getting a lot of sun helped or made your acne worse in the past? and, how quickly do you burn while you're on retin-a versus normally? if you decide to go to a tanning salon, i would tan very gradually.

as for stopping the retin-a.. i think most everybody would consider being pale a lot less worse than having acne. i'd definitely take being extremely pale over being broken out all the time, but i understand. it's annoying. i usually wear foundation to make my skin look a little bit less pale, and this week i didn't.. people are constantly telling me how i look sick. the paleness makes acne scars stand out more too. maybe people will leave us alone when it gets to be january, februrary etc, when most everybody is sort of pale. but, in the meantime, i think i'm gonna start exfoliating the rest of my body so i at least match..
well i hope this helped some, if anything, i feel your pain :(

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