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[QUOTE=Dreamer99]Hello everyone.. hope you are all doing well. Well i've been using this soap called Face Doctor soap for about 2 weeks now and my face is clearing up. The purpose of this soap is to kill the parasites that live on your face called demodex mites. They are microscopic and they are found on most people. Many people have no reactions towards the parasite, but many people do.. roscea and common acne and acne misconceptions are caused by demodex mites. There are 2 treatments for demodex that I know of so far. Face Doctor soap (search face doctor soap) on google, or search demodex solutions on google. U should find information about it on demodex solutions site. 90% of acne is caused by demodex. I did not believe any of this until I tried the soap and it is clearing my face day by day. I believe there is a huge connection between demodex and the large majority of people that have acne. Demodex is highly cotagious and can be spread by touch. They mate very quickly... one generation in about 14 days. Everyone, please try one of these two solutions for demodex.. either the cream from demodex solutions or the face doctor soap.. I TRULY BELIEVE IT WILL HELP YOU.[/QUOTE]

what kind of acne do you have? Is it very bad?

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