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Hello...I wish my parents were as supportive as you are when I was struggling with cysts. My acne seems to have developed similarly to how your daughters did. I'm now 23 (female) and get an occasional cyst, but usually only about every 2 months or so. I also tried everything...but I spent any $$ I got from babysitting or working after school to try to clear or cover my acne...your support is so important for for her, and I'm sure she appreciates it.

My parents took me to see a dermatologist twice, I believe. The first time I was 14, the second maybe 16. Each time the dermatologist mentioned birth control as an option, but, each time my father was with me - and of course, he said NO. I was put on an a few antibiotics, but they really didn't agree with my system. I was also given benzamyacin cream, and it made my eyes burn and turned my skin into a mess. The second time the derm perscribed cleocin, a lotion type of topical antibiotic, and it really seemed to work. My skin smoothed out and I really only wore makeup to cover some scarring. But unfortunately, when I turned 18, I was off my parents insurance, and could not afford any perscriptions on my own.

When I started college, I went to my university health center for all my needs (it was free). I went there for my first "gyno" exam, and asked about birth control. I was given a perscription, and have been on some form of birth control pill since. For me, the regulated cycles really seemed to help with the breakouts, which were due to my oily skin and wacky hormones. It has made a huge difference for me. I know everyone has different experiences with birth control (I have been on 6 kinds), but I can honestly say that each of them did more to help me than cause more harm to my skin. Like I said, I don't get a cyst very often anymore.

I know your daughter is young - and you may not want her to be on a birth control pill. I can understand. But it may be worth a try. Quite often, acne in females is connected to hormones. I know accutane will probably help her, but perhaps you could try a few cycles of a bcp and see how it works. It may be a "gentler" option.

I have pangs in my stomach when I think about what your daughter is going through. I am so sorry...I understand completely. I hope that you are helped by any of the advice you receive through the boards.

Best of luck to your family,


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