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I dont think that a dermatologist specializes in checking hormones. You need to go and see an endocrinologist! Im only 19 years old... and I went and saw my mom's endocrinologist! So as for crappy doctors... I'd say you have one... I wouldnt rely on a dermatologist to fix your hormonal imbalance... they are only going to perscribe you some junk to put on your breakouts that wont work if infact the problem lies internally within you. I have been on accutane 3 times! It was going fantastic after my second trial... and then after 5 months of having not been on it, my oily skin came back like a forcefield and it was out of control... thats when I realized I had a more serious problem than JUST acne. My face was super oily, and I always felt kind of sweaty, sticky, and dirty... so anyways, I went and saw the endocrinologist who ran some tests on me... and it turned out I did have quite a bit of a hormonal imbalance that is common in teenagers from ages 15-17... not my age. I had elevated levels of DHEA Sulfate (which is just a specific type of male hormone) ... he wrote me a perscription for Deltasone, which is a prednisone medication which is supposed to regulate the amount of DHEA that your adrenal glands secrete...this was about 3 months ago... my face isnt completely clear, but I feel much healthier ie less greasy than before. I also switched to Orthotricyclen-lo at the beginning of this year which is also good for complexion. AND im on my third trial of accutane to kill this beast once and for all. I'll be done with accutane fairly soon and then I will go back to the endocrinologist to make sure my levels are still okay. SO YES YES YES! Go see an endocrinologist! Mine was super nice... and he was so happy to see me... at such a young age... taking these measures towards being more healthy. He thought it was absolutely great... he told me that many older woman have the same problems as me... but they dont care to go in and correct it at a younger age like I did... so it only gets worse over time... sorry to rant on like this... but I definatley encourage an appointment with an endocrinologist... and if your doctor doesnt advise it then screw him! I say find a new doctor thats going to be supportive...

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