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i actually get those things on my butt. yuk. explain that to a guy. but anyways i have tried lots and lots of antibiotics from Ery-tabs to Minoclycline (others i cant remember) i have tried lots of topical creams and potions as well. i found a doc that finally knew what he was doin i guess and after bein on antibiotics for going on 4 years now it is finally pretty much cleared up. I am now on Omnicef. And he also told me topical treatments do nothing for this cuz its so deep. I wash with this stuff called Hibiclens u can find it at walgreens or any drugstore by the bactine and stuff. And he also told me DONT SQUEEZE!!! thats what causes the deep scaring. Then i got this bleaching stuff to lighten up the leftover spots its called Lustra (perscription) is expensive and not completley neccessary. Good luck i hope i helped. I hear accutane messes with ur mind so be careful. I dont think ur gonna find a natural cure though. Antibiotics are ur best bet, it takes a while but its better than doin nothin about it. Actually, ud probly see results in 4-6 weeks. Go to a dermatologist not a general doc.

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