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Glad I can have a sense of humor about this, because I felt like I just flushed a bunch of money down the toilet. :)

Went to my first derm visit, at the lovely old age of 29. :P I felt kinda good, because during the pre-interview the nurse goes "So what's your reason for coming to see the doctor?" I say loud and proud "Acne!", and she gets a puzzled look on her face and says, "I guess it's not that bad today?". Actually, I thought today was a MEDIUM day, mainly because I have a few zits still healing. :P But that gave me a nice boost of confidence (and backs up the theory that my wife says I am all about vanity and have no problem!)

Soooo, the doctor comes in, and I already am miffed because I can barely understand her. :/ Not trying to offend anyone, but I really don't like to have to try and translate the heavy, heavy accents of my doctor (hers was Russian/Eastern). But, I figured I would do my best to make it a good visit.

She looks at my face, then my back and chest (which are basically clear). I tell her that I have sensitive skin, and she starts to mention slight excema and all this fun stuff. OK, I can believe that. But, the rest of the conversation was all downhill.

First, I don't like when someone talks down to me. I am an educated 29 year old guy, and I HATE when someone treats me like I am stupid. She did this quite a few times with snide like remarks, right as I was speaking. I could tell she wasn't really LISTENING to a word I was saying. She would cut me off mid sentence. The thing she kept focusing on was stress, she thinks it's due to stress (may be partially true, I am more stressed in the last 2 years than ever before, but I could have made that 3 second diagnosis). I mentioned that I kept a dietary journal for 9 months to see if there was a pattern, and she mumbled something about food having absolutely zero to do with it (and in my case, that's what my journal was showing).

So, I tell her that my GP gave me Benzamycin and doxycycline last year. The Benzamycin was a nightmare, burned the crap out of my face (if you have dry, sensitive skin like me, STAY AWAY from this stuff!). She agreed this was because of my sensitive skin. I also told her the doxy gave me a bad rash, and my GP said it was smart I stopped it since I was having a reaction to it.

So what does she think? I kinda chuckled at the outcome (though I guess I didn't really know what I expected her to do)...

1) Brevoxyl Creamy Wash 4%. This is essentially a cleanser with BP in it. Hmm, what about my sensitive skin? She says that since I will only be using it once a day, and washing the BP off, it won't be a problem. :/ Hmm, even Purpose Gentle Wash hurts my face, I think this stuff is going to be torture. Oh, and she says to use the Brevoxyl on my face, CHEST, AND BACK. But, my chest and back rarely ever get pimples, maybe 1 or 2 little ones a month. She even LOOKED at my clear chest and back.

2) Tetracycline. BUT, get this. She doesn't want me to take it for a cycle, or a period of time. She says to take it when I feel the big bumps coming up, and only for a few days. :/ HUH? I know I didn't go to medical school, but I thought antibiotics work over a period of time, and it's not like aspirin where you take it a few times. Am I missing something? I doubt I will even bother with tetracycline (since the doxy reacted funny anyway).

All in all, it felt like a huge waste. I mentioned my scalp acne, and that I was using Head&Shoulders for a while, but my scalp was drying out like crazy. She says NO WAY it was from the H&S, and that I should stick to it. :/ Funny thing is I have been using the J&J Head-to-toe baby wash to clean my hair for a week, and my breakouts are diminishing on my head (could be coincidence though).

I can definitely see where people get frustrated with derms. She couldn't WAIT to schedule me again in 6 weeks to check on my progress. She even mentioned that she might be changing my routine again at that

At least I can have a sense of humor about it.


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