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First Appointment
Oct 14, 2004
Hi all-

After about 2 years of trying different over the counter things, I am finally shelling out $75 and going to a dermatologist Tuesday.

I was wondering what to expect.

I know not all doctors are the same, but I was just wondering if someone could retell their first dermatologist appointment for me.

Also, should I wash my face and moisturize right before I go (3pm)? Or should I just do it in the morning like always?

I don't think you will be wasting your money, and don't be afraid :) Make sure you are clear with your dermatologist. Don't just listen. Ask questions. If you are prescribed something, find out if it will make your skin worse before it gets better (this can be the case). Remember, your derm is [B]working[/B] for you! Don't let him/her leave the room until all your questions are answered and you are absolutely clear about what you are supposed to do/take/apply and [I]when[/I].

Keep us updated on how it goes!

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