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Okay, I don't want to burst your bubble. But I'll tell you what some of my derm appointments have been like.

I wouldn't recommend you wear makeup to your appointment (if you do wear makeup, that is!). I think that doing a simple rinsing with water before you appointment should be sufficient.

Okay, so you're in the office. The derm comes in (or a resident) and asks a few questions - a little medical history and such. If you are allergic to any drugs (penicillin, sulfa), be sure you know this beforehand.

Next acne may be explained, even though you probably already know where it comes from. Then the derm may count the lesions you have, or estimate how many you have (I remember feeling pretty ugly with someone looking at my face so closely and examining my zits). You will be asked if you have back acne, or acne on your chest or anywhere else. He/she may give you an idea what kind of acne you have (mild, moderate, severe, cystic). You will discuss treatment options. If the way your face looks that day isn't typical (you are much clearer/less clearer than normal), let the derm know! It is important that you describe just how bad your skin has gotten and how it makes you feel. I think I actually cried my first appointment. :( You will probably be prescribed a topical and possibly an antibiotic. The derm may also suggest a certain cleanser to use w/ your topical.

The time that I've spent in the derm office is about 10-15 minutes. When I did go (I haven't in about 7 years), I was just looking for a prescription that would work better than what I found over the counter. For me, what worked best was an antibiotic, but I really didn't want to be on it for very long.

If you have one derm appointment, you will probably be back in the office for a check-up on your progress.

Good luck with your appointment! :)

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