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My best advice for someone with acne...

I would say that you need to find products that will ([B]for your type of skin[/B])
1. Encourage exfoliation (since dead skin is what contributes to clogged pores). This can be done chemically or mechanically.
2. Control oil (through washing, blotting, rinsing w/ water).
3. Control your facial bacteria (through washing, antibiotics, or topicals).
4. Control [I]other[/I] bacteria (wash sheets at least once a week, use a clean towel on your face, wash your hands before ever touching your face).

The reason why this can be difficult is because we can't tell what will work best on our skin just by looking at a bottle. Sometimes, (even with the dermatologist) there is trial and error. You may find you cannot use a certain product due to high alcohol content, or that a prescribed cream is much too drying for you. Unfortunately, clearing up can take a little patience. And that can be very hard!

I do follow the above steps. They are pretty basic - and they do involve some searching, either by you or your derm.

I am a 23 year old female, I have had acne since I was 10 to varying degrees. It got much worse (some cystic) from 15-17, and settled down a bit since then. I have been on birth control since I was 20 - it seems to help regulate my hormones pretty well. I do get an occasional cyst and a few zits.

Good luck to all! :wave:

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