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[QUOTE=openseason]Well Jade the approch I have found is in the book "The Acne Cure". It is a three step program of washing first with salycic acid 2% solution to clean the skin. Then applying gycolic acid wash 8 to 10 % solution. Leave on a few minutes. Then applying cool benzoyl peroxide 5 % to cool skin, because the pores are opened with cool skin. This cleansing ritual is followed in the morning and night for a few weeks. The salycic acid cleans the skin surface, the glycolic acid loosens plugs of oil further down, and the benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria. You need all three chemicals.
I was always against excessive washing and rubbing, but these 3 chemicals applied gently together stop the growth cycle of acne. This does not cure acne, but the skin will improve quite a lot. [B]Cystic acne is very deep and needs additional treatment. [/B] The book also states acne is genetic with a dominant gene. [B]If your parents had acne then you prorbably have it in the same place on your body such as face back or chest. [/B]
BTW in on study 50 teenagers with acne at the Univ. of Penn. fed 1 pound of cholate a day each. [B]Result no change [/B] in 46, 2 got better and 2 got worse. There is nothing in chocolate to cause acne except guilt[/QUOTE]

Hey, thanks for FINALLY sharing your regimen. I heard about the Acne Cure, long after I was following a similar method. I used to use 2%BHA & 10 - 20% (Sage Advice conc.) Glycolic on my skin, plus a 10% glycolic wash and it made me skin look as good as it did when I was using RetinA & Azelex! Of course, I was still on BC & 200mg Spiro at the same time and I didn't have clear skin at helped with texture & treating, but it didn't stop the breakouts.

BP and I don't get along. I've used it and yes it does dry them up, but it made my skin itch, sore, left ugly marks, & of course, bleached so many towels & shirts (before I fig. out that BP bleaches....years years ago), but I'm glad that works for you and of course Dan has his "The Regimen" so we KNOW it works, just... not for everyone.

Now, you said that you [B]had [/B] cystic acne, and that cystic acne can't be cured through topicals, so how did you get rid of your cystic acne?

Again, that study doesn't clear anything about the consumption of Chocolate Candy. How much & what type of Sugar? How much Dairy? How much & What type of Fats? All of those things are what matters and those are the factors that NONE of the chocolate studies have addressed.

Not to mention, [B]how can anyone know if they breakout from a food, if they consume that food on a daily basis???[/B] I avoided Chocolate candy & Soda for over 10 NEVER stopped my existing acne. I also avoided non-organic milk, and than organic milk for a period of NEVER stopped my existing acne. Yet,[B] once I ceased eating my MAJOR contributor, my skin started clearing up[/B] and I was able to see [U]how much [/U] the other foods/ingredients affected me (only 4%).

It was funny though because I thought Gluten-Free was my only answer, since it avoids the [B]bulk[/B] of my refined & carbohydrate consumption. So I thought "hey now I can pig out on chocolate candy (not fond of the after taste) and drink soda (don't like the carbonation)" WRONG. After a few months of having nice skin, I started consuming caffeine free sodas and within a few days...cystic acne. I stopped waited a while and tried it again, same thing happened. So HFCS & I don't get along, but at the time, I didn't realize that all sodas & non-100% fruit juces (prefer 100%) contained HFCS Corn Syrup, so I was still getting this form of sugar in certain foods & sauces. Yet once I eliminated it entirely, the cysts stopped.

Now I also avoid Nuts & The Almond Family as these give me cysts too. The way I discovered this was because I needed to eat other foods to make up for what I wasn't eating in bread products. So I started consuming more nuts. This was something that I would only do sporadically & for the holidays before I changed my diet. So when I started to eat them more often I started getting acne in areas that had previously been clear, well Peanuts, Cashews-Pistachios, Walnuts-Pecans were the source of it. Then I was primarily only eating almonds daily (they are good) as some of the others can cause acne for acne sufferers & sometimes nonsuffers (pistachio breaks out my coworker). I started [B]breaking out in NEW areas I had never broken out before[/B]: in between my eyebrows and all under my chin-neck region with really stubborn cysts! I finally figured out the problem this past summer with certain fruits and then finally gave up almonds about 2 months ago and problem solved. I did some research and it turns out that what I avoided were all the Almond Family: almonds, peaches, plums/prunes, nectarines. (I'm really hoping this has to do with having a leaky gut, which I can heal, as most people on this board that have cleared through diet don't usually avoid this much)

[B]After over 2 years tweeking & customizng my diet, I'm 99% clear, produce hardly any sebum, have the smallest pores I've seen in years, AND have no more horrible crippling crying on the floor menstrual pain. I'm a VERY happy woman =)[/B]

So anyway, yes I have acne in the same areas that my mother & father do. My father still breaks out a wee bit (eats peanuts & gluten), but my mother doesn't (she's gained weigh though). I'm guessing you have acne in the same areas as your father?

So let me see if I've got this straight, here's two people (female?) that have acne, and they know that it's genetic link because their parents had acne. Yet it could also be environmental in that whatever their parents were exposed to, their kids could also be exposed to. Regardless, [B]you believe that because it has a genetic influence that dietary changes can't correct it[/B], right? Well then, why have I? I'm not Gluten Intolerant, I'm not allergic to wheat, worked (Insulin-androgen-acne connection)

We both have high androgen levels and/or heightened androgen sensitivity in the skin, as either one has been associated with Acne Conglobata/ Fulminans, Vulgaris, etc, so why did dietary changes work better for me than other antiandrogens I've tried? Have you tried taking antiandrogens, what were your results? If not good, what could possibly account for our differences? Do you know the actual name for the type of acne you have?

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